Which way?

Winging it, muddling through….some might say I need to reassess my chosen career path, my professional compass needs ‘calibrating’…I disagree. Where do I see myself in 5 or 10 years? Teaching, thats where.

Now as obvious as that may sound, currently, its really not…and I’ll tell you why. My hand was forced last year to actually step away from a teaching position I loved…I didn’t want to marry it or anything, but I certainly really enjoyed it. I won’t get into specifics, I’ll just say this (cliché, cliché) “you don’t know what you’ve got, ’til its gone”. I’ve taught in various applications and capacities for about ten years and now i’m not, it’s like I have the incredible, never ending itch. I’ve talked in this blog a few times about what my answer is when people ask, “why teach JB?”…my list is seemingly endless: the diversity, job satisfaction, the learner connections, the stress (weirdly), the opportunities to push yourself and your class. Its very difficult for me to compartmentalize the ‘why’…I just do!

Thankfully, the PIDP is saving my sanity, it keeps me moving forward professionally and in truth, has given me far more clarity when it comes to where I would like to be when I ‘grow up’. You may or may not be aware that I’m British by birth, never one to put all my eggs in the same, proverbial basket, I have been working concurrently with similar program to the PIDP in the UK called the Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualifications. In England, the first in this qualification framework is the minimum requirement to teach in post secondary, once you gain the Diploma (the highest level) in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS), you can then apply for Qualified Teacher (QTLS) status. The really interesting part for me is that now, if you hold QTLS you can progress to teach in any area of education in England (provided you have all other aspects of the required education to teach a particular subject). It was an aspiration for me to teach from a young age, but at 17 joined the Royal Air Force and very quickly afterwards, those aspirations became a distant memory. At the end of my military career, I had the chance to pursue teaching as a career and now, slowly but very surely, I am edging my way towards becoming a “qualified teacher”…what ever that means! Next for me after the PIDP, hopefully a move to somewhere close to Simon Fraser University or maybe back to Calgary so I can legitimately apply for a masters program. But really, where do I see my self in 5 years?

…Teaching..thats where.


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