In case you don’t…

Conscious that you may well be new to both my blog and indeed my tongue-in-cheek style of writing…if so welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

This blog originally started at the beginning of my Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) journey, it has now become a place which documents my thoughts, realizations, learning and a plethora of resources from my own research and from the many friends that I have met along the way. Now, as I embark on 3260, “Professional Practice” I can practically taste the finish line, but one thing is for sure, this blog has and will continue to be, an integral part of my practice. Being a reflective practitioner is one of the outcomes of the program for a reason. If we can’t be critical of ourself, our teaching methods and thoughts, how can we improve and ultimately provide our students with the best learning environment and experience that we are capable of?

I believe that the most important part of blogging, is that it forces us to be brutally honest, our thoughts are right there, out in the open for all to see, comment and criticize. This honesty allows us to progress as educators, to understand that we are far from perfect, but that we will always strive towards becoming so!

I’m excited to be nearing the end of the program, but sad that the PIDP will soon be an experience. I’m hoping that 3260 helps me to further understand how I can continue to progress my career from a more self directed approach beyond the PIDP and how I remain professional through the “gloriously messy pursuit” (Brookfield p.1) of teaching …I, (as I’m sure as are you) am still to make it through one day without a curveball, still to make it through one (just one) lesson plan in its entirely! Maybe this is one of the main reasons we love teaching so much, the variation, the way that it stays fresh and continuous.

Here’s to 3260 and the future. Oh yeah, and in case you don’t…I’m John and I’m a lifelong learner.



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