Smell the idea

In many walks of life, creative thinking is often ‘bumped’ for critical thinking. Now, in their rawest form there are similarities for example, both are influenced by external factors but in reality they are worlds apart. Certainly in my former career in aviation ‘creative’ doesn’t feature highly on the pilots wish list, critical however, is a must. When I did a little research into becoming a better creative thinker I came across this gem from creative corporate culture dot com, Rolestorming:

Rolestorming. What would you do if you were someone else?

Think like Buddha, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, The opposite gender,  Your father or mother, Your girlfriend / wife or boyfriend / husband, A customer, A colleague, Your enemy.

I thought this was fantastic although, if I could think like my wife I’m sure life would be a breeze! In all seriousness, we are often blinkered by a problem, how often have we ‘not been able to find something for looking’. If we take a step back, appreciate our environment, tune in to everything around us, it may well give us a very different perspective on a problem we are facing; likely the answer is right in front of our nose.


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