Lighten the load

One thing I’m really enjoying about being in the latter half of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program is the fact that subjects, topics etc are becoming more and more relevant. As we delve into different areas of our educational world we see familiar faces everywhere. Relevance. One topic which I stumbled over this evening was Student Centred Learning (SCL [or teaching]). Coincidence really that the focus of SCL is allowing the student to find their ‘rabbit hole’ which is very much what the 3250 forums and this blog are designed to do. In an article by M Weimer Phd, she states 5 characteristics of student entered teaching:

  1. Learner-centered teaching engages students in the hard, messy work of learning.
  2. Learner-centered teaching includes explicit skill instruction.
  3. Learner-centered teaching encourages students to reflect on what they are learning and how they are learning it.
  4. Learner-centered teaching motivates students by giving them some control over learning processes.
  5. Learner-centered teaching encourages collaboration.

Androgically speaking (is that a word?) we expect our learners to be self directed, and motivated to learn (dependant on the reasons the learner is participating in a course or lesson). By employing or allowing learning centred teaching/learning we put the onus on the learner to drive their learning, to become reflective and critical, elements which we often struggle to promote or ‘teach’ in a stereotypical classroom.


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