Powerpoint PresenZZZZZZZZZZ

After my first video presentation in the PIDP my feedback essentially said “heres an apt article”, it was an article on how to stop using bullet points in Powerpoint. Although disappointed that the instructor clearly despised my presentation, I took the comments firmly on board. I can’t place the article now but here is a similarly themed presentation.

There is no denying it, we all need a break from the ‘mundane’…we have all sat through more than our fair share of monotone, un-passionate, quite simply boring lessons where the teacher was stuck in an age where they should still be using slates. f you have never seen Sir Ken Robinson’s influential video (TED) Changing Educations Paradigms then I strongly urge you to watch it…for me, not only was the content fantastic, but the delivery is incredible. I watch Sir Robinson and just think “my word, if only I had an eighth of this mans public speaking talent. My point being is that we need stimulus, we need teaching strategies and engagement techniques that give the learner absolutely no option, BUT to be motivated to learn.

Yes, some people love to look at complicated graphs and terribly busy slides, but I’d put my money on that the majority of learners will engage much more through with digital storytelling or something equally creative.


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