Video tape to very old teach (apparently)

The word video will conjure up a very different mental image dependent on a persons age. I think of a VHS player along with cold drizzly Saturday afternoons in England where my parents would let me choose a video from the video shop. To my learners, ‘video’ will likely bring up an image of YouTube. What ever the image, the term video simply means a medium used to present a form of visual media.

I was quite surprised just how much YouTube is actually used by the younger generations. I teach a mechanical apprenticeship and quite literally every topic or lesson I cover, at least one student will say, “oh ya I saw this on YouTube”. Some day’s I feel like saying, “just open your laptops please gents, aaaand Google!!”.

So, as a learner myself, I have an assignment to produce a digital project. I have to essentially develop a 5 minute ‘micro teach’ on a student engagement technique of my choice. Not my first attempt but certainly I have plenty of work to do to finesse my skills. Thinking about the possible learning outcomes as I work on the assignment I think they are threefold. Firstly, it allows the assessor to view our delivery style. Second, it shows understanding of the chosen technique, learner needs etc. Lastly, it allows us to build on something which has become a core skill of the todays teacher; for the reasons mentioned above, our learners (if they are younger than us of course) have likely grown up in a world with knowledge on demand and at their fingertips. Working on this assignment makes me realize just how much I really don’t know about technology.

This article in The Landscape of Learning makes a great point

“Nothing motivates a student like using exciting technology to create something amazing! Let the students have the option of using that excitement in their projects for the class

And why not? It is our job as educators to ensure that our learners gain as much from their learning experience as possible, utilize the technology that is familiar to them…even if its not familiar to you.


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