Before you think, think about how you might think…you think?

This topic was too good to not jot down a few thoughts. A class mate raised a discussion topic of “reflexivity”…Having never heard this term before and in truth not really grasping the stated definition I took a quick walk around the internet.

The definition which works best for me is from Investopedia

The idea that a person’s thoughts and ideas tend to be inherently biased. In other words, the values and thoughts of a person will be represented in their work.

We certainly all have biases, subjects, thoughts and opinions which rear their heads in all sorts of wonderful ways and places. I sometimes feel myself literally sway towards a ‘preferred’ direction when I write regarding certain topics in education. The key with Reflexivity it would seem, is to delve deeper into your critical nature… to understand why it is that you talk, write or behave a certain way…it is pushing the realms of reflective and critical thinking to the next level.

I wrote in a student forum on this topic that

“reflexive thinking could be described as thinking about what we think, before we have really thought about it”

Deciphering whether or not a thought process has been followed due to personal bias is a key factor in allowing us to become further reflective and critical thinkers…

One for the classroom…


One thought on “Before you think, think about how you might think…you think?

  1. John! I’m so glad that someone else went down the rabbit hole with this! I saw the word in an article during my research on metacognition and had the same experience that you did!


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