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Its been a while but here I am with another enthusiastic bunch of learners to tackle the challenges of the PIDP course 3250, Instructional Strategies.

Week one began with a warmly familiar set of introductions, before we got thoroughly stuck in to the text book: Student Engagement Techniques written by Elizabeth Barkley (2010). For me, this is course number 5 of 7 (not including the consolidation project). Having completed 3100 – 3230 in the order they were intended I am seeing that they were indeed the proverbial ‘meat’ of the PIDP with the final 3 courses being the binding, delicious sauce. I have started to see overlap and relevance to my prior PIDP learning (something which of course is key to any learner), terms such as: the positive learning environment, alignment, validity, learner needs…they all begin to rear their heads again to build and pad our educational tool kits. On a light note, I was amused to stumble across this imageIu9f1kf

whilst bumbling down the electronic superhighway looking for articles on Covington’s self-worth theory. Albeit a funny take on Maslows hierchy of needs, how true this really is in todays classroom. Certainly, I was taken off guard when my students started to push me into a world of google docs and other interactive programs after I had spent a few years away from stereotypical classroom teaching.

Early days in the course but the course discussions have taken some great direction with one really taking my interest being ‘Learning Styles’ this TEDx talk by Tesia Marshik really opens the eyes as to whether we actually have a learning style at all, one could argue that actually we have a preference rather than a definitive way that we learn.


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