Trends and Roles

The second assignment of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP), involves creating a blog (this one) which initially will be used for the Trends and Roles assignment and in time, as an ongoing educational resource.

The assignment was initiated by the allocation of my learning partner who’s similar blog can be seen here. My partner and I spoke this weekend via Skype and found that despite very different careers (Nursing vs Royal Air Force), we faced many of the same challenges in our classrooms. The purpose of the Skype session was ultimately for us to decide upon a topic, related to Adult Learning that we were mutually interested in.

Some of the reoccurring points which were raised during our conversation were the difficulties we faced trying to get our students to think critically,installing a sense of pride and modern societies need for instantaneous results. Both of our professions are safety critical environments, lives are at risk if things aren’t done correctly or without prior thought. Many of the traits that we as professionals take for granted due to our experience levels are not always common in the young people we are guiding into the workplace. We swapped examples of our students acting without foresight which could have ultimately ended in a mistake or worse, injury.

Our chosen topic is how we can install the personal qualities necessary to ensure our learners think critically. We will discuss how this effects our role as educators and what the related trends are within today’s classroom.

Over the next two weeks we will both research this topic, post two articles or websites of interest to our respective resource sections and then reconvene on Skype to discuss our findings and ‘teach’ each other what we have learnt.


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